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reputation depends upon the category of directory you belong to

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

search engine has been recognized as the best means to develop your links. Most of the global companies have been using it to develop their links and hence increase their economy and financial strength as well. Reputation depends upon the category of directory you belong to, if you are a member of some reputed directory then your link would be the first link to appear when searched upon the search engine.
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Different Engines Different Mentality

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Trying to do SEO for all search engines at once is cluster-bomb and largely a waste of time. Each search engine has a different idea of what should and should be ranked high.
Google is seen as the holy grail and tries to feed you information and wikipedia. Does not like products.
Yahoo is more of a social engine and often displays results from their own sites like Yahoo Answers.
MSN loves products on the other hand and the results reflect that. Now becoming a fan of Wikipedia.
There are others in the game but these are the big ones.
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Search Engine Optimization And Content Management System

Friday, July 10th, 2009

In three years, almost anybody will be able to do search engine optimization to their web site. It will all be done by means of inner content management system and it will be simple and quickly working. While a correctly optimized web site is good to have, if no one finds it that will not matter. Once the web world understood they could create their own web sites, they then wanted the ability to edit their web sites. Nowadays, people want to have a site they can edit and that brings us to search engine optimization. There is a lot of properties in a site that can be created with a content management system.
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PDF Optimization

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Recently Adobe declared that it was planning to acquire Macromedia. The primary target of Adobe was the Macromedia’s Flash technology. After Adobe receives it, it will be able to include all the power of Flash into a PDF. Of course, this will effect the search engine optimization. Now a site owner could potentially have the entire site integrated in the content of a PDF. It was present before, but now you could even have video, dynamically created and visually attractive content inserted into the web’s single cross-compatible portable platform. The advantages of saving information in a pdf are enormous. In place of all of the information in a database, you have everything you need in a form of a compact document.
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